Those behind East Belfast security alert an absolute disgrace, says Hanvey

Those behind a security alert at the training ground of East Belfast GAA are an “absolute disgrace,” Alliance Councillor Eric Hanvey has said.

Police are currently at the ground – Henry Jones Playing Fields on the Church Road in Castlereagh – after receiving an anonymous call stating a number of explosive devices had been left there. Searches are still taking place.

“The people behind this alert are an absolute disgrace and do not represent East Belfast,” said Councillor Hanvey.

“East Belfast GAA has received plaudits from right across the community, and rightly so, in their attempt to help build a better future in East Belfast by bringing people together via sport, so they can live, work and play together in peace.

“Those behind security alerts such as these are clearly not interested in something so positive but rather only division and destruction. They are unwanted in East Belfast or anywhere else, and I urge anyone with information on them to contact police with it immediately.”