This Parliament most self-destructive in living memory, says Bradshaw

This Parliamentary term has been “the most self-destructive in living memory,” Alliance South Belfast Westminster candidate Paula Bradshaw has said.

Ms Bradshaw was speaking as Parliament was officially dissolved ahead of the June 8 General Election.

“This Parliamentary term has been the most self-destructive in living memory. As well as seeing some regressive social policies brought forward in the chamber, we saw a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU which served no purpose other than the then-Prime Minister attempting to quieten a vocal minority in his party.

“That same Parliament then voted for a process liable to lead to a hard Brexit, without due consideration to the devastating effect it would have on both the UK as a whole and the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland in particular.

“The next Parliamentary term established after the election needs to have a more progressive outlook with MPs working in the interest of all, away from the current direction of travel, to oppose a hard Brexit and to put the case for a special deal for Northern Ireland in any forthcoming negotiations.

“It is essential Northern Ireland votes for a change of direction at this election, with a set of new MPs better suited to promote our interests.”

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