These are extraordinary times requiring extraordinary action, says Bradshaw

These are extraordinary times requiring extraordinary action, Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has said, after her party supported passage of legislation around emergency powers relating to the coronavirus.

A legislative consent motion on the Bill was passed by the Assembly today (Tuesday).

“Alliance supported this Bill but with some reticence. Indeed, we have significant concerns about some aspects of it – it does not come naturally to us as democrats and liberals, to endorse something which places such power in the hands of the Executive and other officials,” she said.

“However, there is a balance to be struck. These are extraordinary circumstances and they require extraordinary action. It is sensible these rules are now common across the UK but we have to contrast our concerns with the necessary safeguards. Sadly, many will now be making extraordinarily immediate, but complex decisions in circumstances few of us can imagine.

“This is a monumental challenge for us all, but I have no doubt the sense of community and determination for which we here are famed will see us through.”