There is no place for two tiers in modern society: Bell

Commenting on today’s Human Rights Consortium seminar at Stormont, Alliance Deputy Leader, Eileen Bell, said that the exercise was very worthwhile and very necessary.

” Over 100 different organisations were represented here today, all seeking to improve our human rights situation and to achieve the introduction of a Human Rights Bill for Northern Ireland.The shortcomings in the present situation were vividly enunciated, from the lack of proper facilities for the disabled to the shortcomings in provision for the unemployed and the long-term ill.”

” I found it very instructive in many ways as it is always extremely difficult to see a situation through the eyes of someone less fortunate than one’s self, but I was quite upset at the attitude of former minister Dermot Nesbitt, and, indeed, all of his party colleagues, who said that such improvements would cost money and we can not afford them at this moment in time.”

” For the information of Mr Nesbitt and his party, those of us campaigning for better human rights are well aware that there will be a cost, but it is a saving which we can NOT justify morally, and it is, of course, a cost which would be offset to quite an extent by the fuller participation in all facets of society by those who would benefit.”

” Once again we see the old hierarchy seeking to maintain two tiers in society. Have they learnt nothing? Those days are gone!”

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