The COP26 climate change event must have tangible outcomes, Alliance representatives have said.

The COP26 climate change event must have tangible outcomes and not just be a case of the UK Government ‘greenwashing’ its commitments to tackling the climate crisis, Alliance representatives have said.

Speaking as the UN’s COP26 climate change conference kicked off in Glasgow, Stephen Farry MP, Andrew Muir MLA and John Blair MLA said “real action” is needed if we are to offset the problems being caused by the worsening global climate.

The trio are among a number of Alliance elected representatives who will attend the event, which is designed to bring politicians, businesses and civil society together to accelerate action to tackle the climate crisis.


The climate emergency is already here and set to get worse. Dramatic weather events around the world this year as testament to this,” said North Down MP Dr Farry.


“The world is not on course to meet the Paris Agreement objectives of keeping global the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees by 2050. We need stronger actions across the globe, but particularly from the industrialised nations, to decarbonise a broad range of aspects of our economies and societies.


“COP26 represents a major opportunity for the world to get on track.”


If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is major issues facing us need to be dealt with in a timely fashion, as delay is costly to everyone,” said Mr Muir.

“One way we can not only tackle the climate crisis but help us navigate our way out of the pandemic is the creation of a Green New Deal, as proposed by Alliance. That green recovery, coupled with investment and radical changes to our economy is now critical, both at a UK Government level and locally with the Executive.

“The UK itself is not providing sufficient leadership, and is not on course for net zero by 2050. Indeed, climate change wasn’t even referenced once in last week’s Budget.”


Of course the Executive cannot tackle the climate crisis alone,” added Mr Blair.


However, it can make a start. Urgent and radical changes to the structure of our economy, based on shared prosperity, are needed. It will mitigate some of the problems facing us, while also benefitting future generations.”