Team UK not Team GB for Rio says Long

East Belfast Alliance MP Naomi Long has called on the Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport Department to consider changing the name of the Olympic team from Team GB to Team UK in time for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Speaking during questions at Westminster today, the MP for East Belfast said the name Team UK would give full recognition to competing athletes from all four countries.

Naomi Long MP said: “In light of the significant contribution of Northern Ireland athletes to the Team GB & NI medal haul team this summer, I asked the Department to consider renaming the team as Team UK. Whilst the team is technically Team GB and NI, the Northern Ireland part is nearly always excluded, including in correspondence from the Ministry itself in recent weeks.

“I think changing the title to Team UK would be less unwieldy and would also give full recognition to everyone who competes from all four countries.

“Whilst it is not for the Minister to make the change, I am disappointed that the Government has not offered support for such a change. While it may be as it is for historic reasons, that doesn’t rule out change to ensure the name of the team more accurately reflects the background of current competitors.”

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