Taoiseach commitment to Brexit special deal for Northern Ireland welcome, says Long

Alliance Leader Naomi Long has welcomed the Taoiseach’s commitment to creation of a special deal for Northern Ireland in relation to Brexit.

Mrs Long was speaking after a meeting with Leo Varadkar in Belfast. She said it was a positive get-together in which she also raised concerns on the need to separate Brexit and the constitutional status of Northern Ireland.

“This was a constructive meeting, particularly given the Taoiseach’s comments earlier today in which he called for “unique solutions” to the issue of Brexit. He was also correct in saying Brexit will affect every aspect of life in Northern Ireland.

“Alliance also outlined our concerns around the need to decouple Brexit and the debate on Irish unity. While everyone is perfectly entitled to pursue their constitutional aspirations, it is important to keep the two issues separate.

“The Taoiseach also made mention of the short timetable before the European Council reviews the progress of negotiations later this year. That is yet another reason why we need a functioning Executive, to articulate our position and unique circumstances clearly at the negotiating table.”

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