Talks now could resolve outstanding problem: Neeson

ALLIANCE Assembly member Sean Neeson (East Antrim) is urging political parties to urgently address the outstanding issue required to restore devolved government in Northern Ireland.

Mr Neeson stated:

“The parties need to get round the table urgently to discuss the final unresolved issue. People want local politicians making local decisions in their best interests, and if we have a political package agreed but sitting on the shelf we should be stretching ourselves to get over this final arms hurdle.

“Megaphone diplomacy doesn’t work, and we need to see both DUP and Sinn Fein negotiating at the table. Precedents have already been established at local councils and in Assembly committees, so there is no excuse for direct talks between Sinn Fein and the DUP.

“There are simply too many major issues – cutbacks in education and water charges, for example – where local politicians need to make an impact as soon as possible.

“Hopefully accommodation can be achieved before the end of the year. It would certainly be the best Christmas gift politicians could give to the people of Northern Ireland.”

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