Synagogue attack is completely unacceptable, says McAllister

Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said two separate attacks on a North Belfast synagogue are both disheartening and completely unacceptable.

The local Councillor was speaking after police confirmed a window on the premises was smashed between Friday night and Saturday morning, with the replacement window again smashed later on Saturday afternoon.

Councillor Nuala McAllister said: “Everyone has the right to celebrate their religion in peace and without fear of intimidation or threat. This right does not stop in North Belfast and it is extremely disappointing that this attack has taken place.

“No place of worship should ever fall victim to this type of thuggish behaviour. Those behind this despicable incident have done nothing but unite the North Belfast community as people from all backgrounds join in condemning this unfounded attack.

“The Jewish community is a valuable part of our community and I will be making contact with Rabbi Singer in coming days to ensure both he and his congregation know North Belfast stands behind them.”

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