Super dump could have devastating impact on local community

Local Alliance Representative Cllr Barney Fitzpatrick has slammed plans for the creation of a so-called super dump in Macosquin in County Londonderry saying it could have a devastating environmental impact on the local community and could damage the quality of life of people in the area. These plans also fly in the face of what they EU wants us to do more of, recycling.

Coleraine Councillor Barney Fitzpatrick said: “This super dump could have a very negative impact on the everyday lives of people in the vicinity. It could also potentially pose serious environmental problems.

“Other large facilities of this nature have seen serious infestations of flies which have plagued people living anywhere nearby.

“The creation of an incinerator in an appropriate location, far away from residential areas, along with better recycling would probably be the best option instead of these landfill plans.

“The EU wants us to step up our recycling efforts and I believe the creation of a landfill style super dump flies in the face of this. These plans send out a very negative message about local government’s attitude to waste and our potential to increase sustainability. They need to show far more ambition as the green economy is an area where there is massive room for growth here.”


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