Suicide link with troubles shows need to end segregation quickly

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has stated that the publication of a report suggesting that the high suicide rate locally is in part due to the legacy of the troubles, shows the urgent need to end segregation and to put in place a coherent suicide prevention strategy. The report called ‘The Trouble with today’ was published today by the Department of Health, and its author is Queens University Professor Mike Tomlinson

The Opposition Health Spokesperson said: “The report illustrates the disturbing truth behind why many local young people take their own lives.

“We still have the ongoing problem of segregation in Northern Ireland, which is a legacy of the troubles and I am sure a contributory factor to this horrific problem.

“This report is invaluable in helping us to explore ways of combating this most devastating of issues.

“I would call on the Minister to implement a coherent suicide prevention strategy as a matter of urgency. There has been too much talk and not enough action to address this matter.”


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