Stopping funding for Sustainable Development Commission sends out terrible message

Alliance Environment Spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has expressed anger plans for OFMDFM to stop funding for the Sustainable Development Commission saying it sends out a terrible message about Northern Ireland’s attitude to protecting the environment. The Westminster government part funds the Commission and the rest of the cash comes from OFMDFM. Alliance has led the way on campaigning on sustainability and the creation of a Green New Deal.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “The potential loss of the Sustainable Development Commission is a major blow to our green efforts and this news also sends out a very negative message about our attitude towards protecting the environment.

“It’s tragic that there seems to be no further funding forthcoming for this organisation and I am particularly disappointed that OFMDFM appears not to be taking the initiative and continuing to resource this important group.

“This is not only about the environment, sustainable development will save us money and also help us maximise our economic potential too.

“Alliance has moved Northern Ireland forward in the environmental stakes through our campaign to introduce a Green New Deal which would create many jobs. Following our successful motion on the issue in the Assembly, the recent Executive Budget included a section on a Green New Deal-style home insulation programme.

“To potentially lose the Sustainable Development Commission is very troubling as we will lose a strong voice in this most important area.”


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