Stop wasting time on Plan B – Ford

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has told government that they should concentrate on getting the Northern Ireland Assembly up and running again, instead of focussing on modifying Direct Rule. David Ford’s comments come in the wake of the announcement of proposals in the House of Lords to change the way Direct Rule decisions are made.

Cllr Ford MLA said: “Reforming the way that Northern Ireland legislation is created by Wesminster is to be welcomed; however, for the second time in two days, the government’s focus is wrong. Reforming Westminster procedure is a positive step, but the government must focus on the work done by the Preparation for Government Committee.

“The government’s approach to restoring devolution in Northern Ireland is all wrong. They should be prioritising Plan A instead of wasting time on Plan B.

“We do, however support this change as it affords greater accountability in dealing with Northern Ireland matters. Orders in Council are, however, inferior to having decisions made at a local level in the Assembly.”

“The government should be concentrating its efforts on breaking the current political deadlock instead of planning for the worst case scenario.

“If they are trying to improve the system why don’t the take a more practical approach and pay more attention to the Preparation for Government Committee, instead of getting bogged down in contingency plans.”


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