Still no solution for Northern Ireland from Prime Minister, says Farry

Alliance Brexit spokesperson Stephen Farry MLA has said the Prime Minister’s Brexit statement “does little” to address the many contradictions in the UK’s Brexit position.

Dr Farry was speaking after Theresa May set out what she called “the hard facts” about Brexit and pledged to “bring the country together”.

“I acknowledge the Prime Minister has given a fresh commitment to an open border in Ireland without any physical infrastructure,” he said.

“However, this is at odds with her ongoing red lines in relation to a fresh Customs Union and the Single Market. Even the most advanced free trade agreement and customs arrangements in the world would require some degree of checks if they are not a Customs Union. The UK paper from last August and other mooted technological solutions are untried and untested and fail to address all of the challenges.

“The UK Government is continuing to go around in circles while the Brexit clock continues to tick. There is an urgent need to reach a legal understanding of the text of the Joint Report in order that certainty on transition arrangements can be established. Otherwise people and businesses will continue to suffer and may vote with their feet.

“Alliance’s consistent approach to protecting the Good Friday Agreement and our economy has been to advocate for the UK to remain in a Customs Union and for Northern Ireland to continue to participate in the Single Market.”

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