Statement from David Ford on loyalist decommissioning developments

Alliance Leader David Ford said: “This appears to be a significant development. Progress from loyalist paramilitaries was needed and I hope there can be swift and full decommissioning.

“For decades, paramilitary groups from both sides have held communities in their grip of fear. I hope that this move will lead to the end, not simply another endgame.

“If this information is correct, I welcome these moves. Loyalists are now at the point where they must comply with the IICD before the expiry of the six month deadline handed down by the Secretary of State. If they do comply, they have the opportunity to play a full part in civil and political life, if not, the consequences are clear.

“We need to see all paramilitaries decommission arms, but loyalists in particular need to prove that they are serious about maintaining a permanent peace.”


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