Staff must not be forgotten in new hospital investment

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Judith Cochrane has said the £100 million package for the Ulster Hospital is welcome, but said staff must not be forgotten as part of the investment.

Mrs Cochrane, who picked up a seat for Alliance in May, stated: “Clearly this investment package for the hospital is welcome, although not before time. The Minister is quite right to ensure the focus is on the patient.

“However, having visited the hospital recently, I know that it is critical that the staff are not forgotten. They are the first line of patient care, and all too often their needs are left out of such investments.

“I would call for a plan of action to ensure that front-line staff have access to the resources they need as part of this package. This is a major hospital for a very large area, and we need to ensure that it is world-class in every area, including staff training and support.”

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