Stadium decision delay means Northern Ireland is missing massive opportunities

Alliance Culture, Arts and Leisure Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has condemned the Executive over delays in deciding the location of a new all-sports stadium saying that Northern Ireland will miss out on massive money spinning ventures. The Irish Football Association Chief Howard Wells has stated that Northern Ireland has already missed out on co-hosting the UEFA Under-21 tournament because of these delays. It also appears that we could miss out on 2012 Olympics spin-off events as well.

Strangford MLA Kieran McCarthy said: “This decision delay is a disgrace. The failure to make real progress on this issue has meant that Northern Ireland has missed out on bidding to co-host a top football tournament.

“This was an open goal that has been missed by a mile because of these delays.

“IFA Chief Howard Wells stated that we could not bid to host matches in the UEFA Under-21 tournament because of the delay in deciding where the all-sports stadium should be located. The Executive and the Minister Edwin Poots must take notice of this and ensure that we do not miss out on other massive opportunities.

“If they do not act quickly on building an all-sports stadium, then we might miss out on the lucrative spin-offs of the 2012 Olympics in London as well.

“These delays are costing our economy big money and I am not prepared to put up with them. If progress is not made on the new all-sports stadium, Northern Ireland might lose the chance to have one altogether. Local people will feel like giving the Minister the red card if he does not deliver quickly.”


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