South Belfast candidates selected by Alliance

Alliance has selected its two candidates for South Belfast for the forthcoming Assembly election.

Sitting MLA Paula Bradshaw and Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown will run for the party in March 2’s poll. The pair said they were privileged to have been chosen by Alliance’s South Belfast Association.

Ms Bradshaw, who is Alliance’s Health spokesperson in the Assembly, said while the election was not Alliance’s idea, the party saw it as an opportunity for people to make a change.

“This is an opportunity, maybe the best and perhaps the only one we will have for a generation, to change our politics into something honest, responsible, respectful and hard-working.

“Division will not go away if we keep voting along orange and green tribal lines, so this is the chance for people to bring our society together and make us stronger, to make a change for good.”

Councillor McDonough-Brown said South Belfast was a diverse, cosmopolitan and thriving community.

“I’m delighted to be part of a growing Alliance team in South Belfast, and we will be campaigning across the length and breadth of the constituency, with a positive message for change.

“People can put an end to the pettiness, squabbling, corruption and division that’s destroying public services and eroding public trust. But people need to grasp the opportunity and vote Alliance on March 2nd.”

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