Sobering reminder of terrorist threat: Alliance

Alliance Party Justice and Security spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has congratulated the police in uncovering the terror plot against a number of flights, and asked people to remain patient and to co-operate with the authorities in ensuring their safety and security.

Stephen Farry said: “This morning’s police operations are a sobering reality of the threat that international terrorism poses to us all.

“Alliance would congratulate the police and security services in uncovering this plot which in UK terms had the potential to create carnage on an unprecedented scale.

“It is important to stress that, while this threat seems to be domestic in origin, there is only an extremely small minority of citizens who actively support the use of terror.

“There will obviously be a need for continued high vigilance for some time to come, and I would urge everyone to show patience and co-operation through all the disruption. Personal safety of all passengers must be paramount.”


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