Smaller parties’ withdrawal means straight Remain choice for South Belfast, says Bradshaw

Alliance South Belfast Westminster candidate Paula Bradshaw has said the withdrawal of smaller parties from the South Belfast constituency ahead of December’s election means a Remain MP is now certain to be elected – it is just a question of which one.

The MLA stated: “Alliance has been clear throughout that while we welcome cooperation with other Remain parties, we have a distinct and clear vision to move on from orange and green politics, towards something which actually works for people.

“Other parties who are less confident in their own message are engaging in tactical pacts designed to further their own self-interest.

“This does, however, have a fortunate consequence here in South Belfast – the DUP cannot possibly now get enough votes to benefit from a split in the Remain candidates’ vote.

“So the choice is now simple – do you want same old same old politics of the past, or the new politics of a united Alliance team confident enough to offer its progressive, pro-European and inclusive vision to everyone?”