Sinn Fein Leadership Need to Apologise for Appalling Tweet

Alliance MP and Deputy Leader, Stephen Farry, has described a tweet by Sinn Fein MLA on the recipients of a Victims’ Pension as an appalling slur’ and has called for a proper apology from Sinn Fein.

Stephen Farry said: “This is an appalling tweet from Martina Anderson.

“While I do not agree with them, Sinn Fein are entitled to their perspective on the Victims’ Pension and to articulate that view.

“However, this tweet crossed the line and was a terrible attacks and slur on a broad range of victims across our community. Victims have conducted themselves and campaigned with great dignity and resolve.

“While I note that the tweet was quickly deleted, this is not good enough. We need to see a proper apology from Ms Anderson and the Sinn Fein leadership.”