Sinn Fein behaviour hypocritical on Environmental Protection Agency – Ford

Alliance Leader David Ford has labelled Sinn Fein’s stance on the creation of an independent EPA hypocritical. Following the Executive’s refusal to overturn Arlene Foster’s failure to establish an EPA, Sinn Fein’s Cathal Boylan defended the Executive. Yet last week, Mr Boylan called for an independent EPA in an interview after a pollution incident. Mr Ford’s comments come on the eve of the re-launch of the Environment and Heritage Service, which Arlene Foster re-vamped, instead of introducing an independent EPA.

David Ford MLA said: “Sinn Fein’s stance on an EPA has been deeply hypocritical. They are flip-flopping all over the place on this important issue.

“Firstly, they failed local people by refusing to overturn Arlene Foster’s decision on the EPA, then a week later they talked tough and called for one to stop pollution.

“Actions speak louder than words. Sinn Fein’s words on this issue have no credibility now, as they have already let people down on green matters.

“Tomorrow sees the re-launch of the Environment and Heritage Service which Arlene Foster announced to try and appease people who wanted an EPA. This re-launch is a sham because Northern Ireland needs an independent environment watchdog with teeth, not some glitzy re-launch of a section of the DOE.”


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