Single-party veto must end now: McCarthy

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy has demanded that the Secretary of State remove any single party’s ability to veto progress.

Speaking prior to today’s meeting of the Assembly’s Business Committee, the Strangford Assembly member will say: “There is simply no point in any Committee meeting if any single party is allowed to veto progress agreed by everyone else on all sides.

“This whole process is a total charade if the forces of yesteryear are allowed to take over.

“The Secretary of State has it within his power to clarify that ‘sufficient consensus’ means that no one party acting alone can hold up progress. It is no good blaming ‘the parties’ if one particular party is the only one refusing to move forward at any time.

“Alliance has consistently called for proper all-party talks, and these must proceed with no question of any one party being allowed to hold the whole process hostage.

“The single-party veto must end, now!”


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