Shocking losses in Belfast leisure centres underline cost of segregation

Belfast Alliance Councillor Maíre Hendron has stated that the massive financial losses in Belfast leisure centres highlights the devastating cost of segregation. It was revealed by the Nolan Show that the city council’s leisure centres last year lost £8.8 million, and these losses are increasing rapidly.

Pottinger Councillor Maíre Hendron said: “These losses are frighteningly high. They perfectly illustrate the devastating cost of segregation in Belfast City Council.

“The Council needs to start providing more shared leisure facilities instead of taking a divided community approach. Belfast has more leisure centres than it needs because some centres are basically provided as a segregated service.

“People will profit from shared services because efficiencies can be made, yet the standard of service will be maintained. The cash saved by stopping duplication can be ploughed into improving vital services for local people.

“Segregation is the biggest waste of money in our society and it simply must be stopped.”


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