SF campaign against sectarianism ‘partial’ – Ford

Alliance MLA David Ford has criticised the campaign against sectarianism announced by Sinn Féin as ‘partial’.

David Ford said: “Any political campaign to confront sectarianism in Northern Ireland is to be welcomed. However, the statement from Sinn Féin is very one-sided, suggesting that all sectarianism comes from Unionists.

“While the example of Cantrell Close shows threats against Catholic families, there are plenty of examples of sectarian attitudes and sectarian actions coming from nationalists as well as unionists. Sinn Féin has produced a very partial statement.

“Any party can make statements against sectarianism, but actions really do speak louder than words. Both the DUP and Sinn Féin have failed to prioritise community relations, with no progress on integrated education and very little on shared housing while those parties have led the Executive.

“There will inevitably be a suspicion that today’s announcement is a distraction from the continuing failure of Sinn Féin, alongside the DUP, to get an Executive in place which will meet the needs of everyone in this society and genuinely build a united community.”


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