Sectarian attack in Ahoghill condemned

North Antrim Alliance spokesperson, Jayne Dunlop, has condemned today’s petrol bomb attack on a house in Ahoghill.

Jayne Dunlop said: “This was a dreadful act which could have resulted in serious injury or even death. Fortunately the petrol bomb hit some wires and didn’t reach the house, but fell to the ground and burnt out on the tarmac of the adjacent car park. Due to the quick action of neighbours the suspected culprits have been arrested.

“I trust that there will be convictions resulting from these arrests and that there will be no further incidents of this nature as a result. This was the latest in a serious of attacks carried out by a few people who were intent on intimidating and driving her and her family out of the village. There is no justification for this sort of criminal behaviour and I am glad that Kathleen has refused to move in response to the threats made against her. Hopefully this is the end of this intimidation and the McCaughey family can be left to get on with their lives in peace.”


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