Secretary of state should rule on the status of the UDA ceasefire

Responding to the sinister disappearance of Alan McCullough, Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has called upon the Government to clarify the status of the UDA ceasefire.

David Ford said:

“There is substantial unease within the community at the sinister disappearance of Mr McCullough. The figure of suspicion is pointing at the UDA.

“The UDA declared a 12-month ceasefire as recently as February. This was billed as a tribute to murdered former leader, John Gregg. At that time, many people across the community expressed their scepticism and caution at the statement.

“Alliance has welcomed the efforts of the Two Governments to clarify what is meant by a ceasefire in paragraph 13 of the Joint Declaration. It requires an end to all paramilitary activity. These standards should apply equally to both Republican and Loyalist paramilitaries.

“The Government must now address what is the their formal view of the status of the UDA ceasefire.

“The early appointment of the International Monitoring Body would certainly help in this regard through shining a spotlight on paramilitary activities.”


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