Second referendum on terms of Brexit deal should be held, says Donnelly

A second referendum should be held on the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU, Alliance West Tyrone Westminster candidate Stephen Donnelly has said.

Mr Donnelly said a year out from Brexit, the best way through the process was for the UK to remain within a customs union with the EU and Northern Ireland to continue to participate in the single market, options people could vote on if a second referendum took place.

“Brexit will be the most damaging event the UK will have seen for generations. The consequences will affect everyone but they will be particularly felt here in Northern Ireland, given our unique circumstances. That’s why Alliance believes the UK as a whole remaining within a customs union and Northern Ireland continuing in the single market is the best option to mitigate against the damage Brexit will cause.

“We are democrats and while we oppose Brexit, we recognise the result of the original referendum – Northern Ireland voted to remain. That is precisely why a second one should take place on the terms of the exit deal. Almost two years on from that vote, many more people now recognise the full facts and impact exiting the EU will have on several areas, from our economy to our politics and relationships with international partners.

“Avoiding a hard Brexit while having a special deal for Northern Ireland to reflect our circumstances can help us avoid the lasting damage Brexit will otherwise create.”

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