SDLP have to choose between inclusivity and integrity

Responding to the statement from SDLP Leader, Mark Durkan, at his Manifesto launch in which he once again dismissed forming a voluntary coalition, Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has asked the SDLP how they plan to resolve the dilemma of what happens when inclusivity and integrity are in conflict.

David Ford stated:

“The SDLP say they stand for both inclusivity and integrity. But they have utterly failed to even address, never mind, resolve what happens when they are in conflict with one another.

“Inclusivity cannot be at the expense of compromising on the highest standards of the rule of law, human rights and democracy. No party should have a absolute right to be in Government, especially when their associates are in clear breach of these standards.

“The question that the people of Northern Ireland want answered is whether the SDLP are prepared to move on if necessary without Sinn Fein through

working in partnership with other parties or whether they will simply keep us all waiting around until Republicans finally demonstrate an end to all paramilitary and criminal activity.”


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