SDLP guilty of fantasy economics, says Bradshaw

Alliance South Belfast Assembly candidate Paula Bradshaw has said the SDLP is “playing fantasy economics” after the party’s manifesto was exposed as being uncosted, despite previous claims to the contrary.

The South Belfast Councillor was speaking after an appearance by the party on today’s Nolan Show on Radio Ulster, during which it was revealed only the SDLP’s headline pledges had been costed.

“The SDLP has made a song and dance throughout this campaign of their claim to have a costed manifesto – Daniel McCrossan said on television last week theirs was the only such one, citing a figure of £217 million,” said Councillor Bradshaw.

“In addition, senior SDLP representatives, including the leadership, have stated on social media the manifesto was costed at £217 million. That has now been exposed as a total fallacy to the electorate.

“The party has attacked Stephen Farry and others repeatedly over the course of this campaign, all the while holding their supposedly costed manifesto up as an example of how to do politics. Today’s revelations will rightly make people ask if the SDLP’s inability to add up and manage finances extends to other areas as well.”

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