Saintfield Road plan ‘will lead to more accidents’

A controversial planning application on the Saintfield Road could lead to an increase in accidents and injuries on one of Northern Ireland’s most dangerous roads, according to Castlereagh Councillor Sara Duncan.

The Alliance councillor has written to the Planning Service to object to a proposed development at 51 Saintfield Road – an application for 12 units to replace one family unit.

Cllr Duncan said this would add yet more cars to an already overburdened road system, and stated:

Cllr Duncan stated: “Accidents and traffic jams are the likely outcome as drivers would exit across the bus lane. Coming from the city centre, it would be impossible for them to make a right turn into number 51 without holding up four lanes of traffic.”

“More worringly, they could be shunted by cars going through the traffic lights and unprepared for cars turning right, especially during the evening rush hour.”

“And where will visitors to these 12 units park? If on the road, this will restrict the traffic flow towards the major Forestside road junction.”

“There are other large detached houses, set in gardens, fronting the Saintfield Road. If this application succeeds, it will change the character of the road, and open the floodgates for other similar projects.”


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