Rory Gallagher statue a fitting tribute – Jones

Alliance Councillor Mervyn Jones has said the proposal for a statue of Rory Gallagher is a fitting tribute to someone who brought light to Belfast in dark times.

Councillor Jones was speaking after Belfast City Council’s Planning Committee granted permission for the erection of the statue beside the Ulster Hall. Mervyn Jones, who is a member of the Planning Committee, said: “I was pleased to see this proposal come to the Planning Committee, and even more pleased to offer it my full support. Rory Gallagher brought his incredible talent to entertain us in Belfast at a time when many other acts took us off their tour lists.

“I was privileged to see Rory play at the Ulster Hall and know personally how his music broke down barriers as young people came together from every community, united in their love of his music and incredible talent. His statue will be a great addition to the already rich cultural offering Belfast has for its citizens and visitors.

“I thank the Wilgar Community Forum for bringing this proposal forward and look forward to visiting the statue.”

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