Robinson slammed for wasting time on Flybe comments during Executive crisis

Former Belfast Mayor Cllr Tom Ekin has slammed Peter Robinson’ for wasting time criticising Flybe for comments on their website while the Stormont Executive is in crisis. Tom Ekin said it was ridiculous that the First Minister was focusing on this issue while every day that the Executive fails to meet sees Northern Ireland sliding closer to the abyss.

Alliance Councillor Tom Ekin said: “The Stormont Executive is in crisis, its failure to meet is pushing Northern Ireland towards the abyss, yet Peter Robinson happy to spend his time worrying about what an airline says on its website.

“This story shows how out of touch the DUP are. They should be focusing all their energies on breaking the deadlock and getting back to work.

“Why on earth is Peter Robinson wasting precious time on this when he should be getting on with his job as First Minister? What Flybe said is not acceptable but Mr Robinson’s priorities are all wrong. Northern Ireland is sliding towards the precipice with every day the Executive fails to meet, yet he is getting involved in an issue like this.”


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