Robinson school plans are vague and Alliance is leading on integration

In response to a speech made by DUP Leader Peter Robinson discussing plans for a single schools system, Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn said the plans were vague and did not demonstrate the real need for increased integrated school places and sharing amongst sectors.

Trevor Lunn said: “Whilst I welcome Peter Robinson echoing Alliance views on the need to end division in our schools system, the detail regarding his plan is very vague. Alliance is ambitious for education in Northern Ireland and we want to see the transformation of our system to deliver far more sharing between sectors and more integrated school places. A speech like this barely even touches on these real solutions.

“Alliance has always led the way in seeking further integrated school places and increased sharing across our schools system, and I believe this vague plan from the DUP is electioneering with very little detail provided.

“You only have to look at the last four years in the Assembly with the DUP and Sinn Fein battling each other on academic selection, whilst Alliance was trying to build consensus and deliver a real solution. Alliance is the party of a shared future and we have the drive and vision to reform our education system to both improve community relations and deliver greater value for money.”


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