Roads Service agree to pedestrian crossing review

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Michael Long has hosted a meeting between Roads Service and residents, teachers and the PSNI about the need for a pedestrian crossing at Rosetta Road.

Roads Service have now agreed to look again at the proposal, whilst the PSNI have agreed to monitor speeding problems in the area. The need for a pedestrian crossing was brought into sharp focus when an elderly resident was injured on the road two weeks ago, and a further six serious injuries have been recorded since 1999.

Cllr Long said: “I am pleased that Roads Service have offered to review the situation. It was very useful for them to come and listen at first hand to the concerns of people and agencies.”

“I was particularly encouraged to learn that they are reviewing the criteria for pedestrian crossings, which should take greater account of the high percentage of schoolchildren and elderly pedestrians. There are facilities ranging from schools to churches, public houses to supermarkets resulting in many people crossing this busy road.”

“The case for a crossing is very strong given the high traffic flows, the speed of traffic leaving the dual carriageway and the large number of children crossing the road to and from St. Bernard’s Primary, Knockbreda Primary and High schools. The issue of child safety is of particular concern as a vacancy has existed for a crossing patrol person for seven years.”

“I understand the PSNI are to consider increasing speed checks to deter speeding drivers in the area. There have been two serious injures in the past few months on the road, most recently only a couple of weeks ago. Roads Service must see the need for positive action.”


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