Rice fury at Translink fare rises

Cllr Geraldine Rice has expressed her fury that Translink have announced an increase in their fares by 4%.

Mrs Rice who represents Castlereagh South has always been concerned at the level of traffic on the Southern Approaches through Carryduff , Saintfield Road and into Belfast. Mrs Rice stated that there are already approximately 5000 cars per hour, per day on this route, and she is concerned at the impact this increase will have on the number of people using public transport.

Councillor Rice said:

“Northern Ireland has the worst public transport system in the UK. This increase seems to be flying in the face of the DoE, who are supposed to be encouraging people out of their cars and into public transport, particularly when they have put in a planning application for a park and ride in Cairnshill/Beachill Road.”

Mrs Rice said that she will be raising the issue with Mr McKenzie, Under Secretary of the DoE, at a meeting she will be having with him early next week


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