Rice condemns repeat attack on Laurelgrove Dale House

Geraldine Rice, Alliance Party Councillor in Castlereagh, has condemns the repeat attack on a house in Laurelgrove Dale, and has called for everyone to support the police in its investigation of this incident.

Councillor Rice said:

“Those who committed this petrol bomb attack are just sectarian thugs. Their recklessness with life and property is totally unacceptable, and I hope that this incident is the last that will happen in the area.”

Cllr Rice met with District Police Commander, Gordon Reid, who told her that the police are unaware of exact reason why the property was attacked, and that the incident will be fully investigated.

“Everyone needs to show support for each other by helping the police with their investigation. Every right-thinking person needs to support the police, full-stop, so ensure that no one gets away with taking the law into their own hands.”


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