Rice comments on Castlereagh Council rates

Following the striking of the rate for Castlereagh Council, Alliance Group Leader on Castlereagh Council Geraldine Rice said: “Firstly I would like to thank the entire cross party members of the estimates working group for their diligence in striking a sensible rate.

“This was a very challenging year given the external pressures put upon the Council with the increase in fuel costs, and the plethora of legislative responsibilities from the Northern Ireland Assembly and Europe.

“The members of the committee had to exercise all due diligence as we continue to deliver the highest standard of services to our rate payers and to ensure that no job losses ensued.

“Castlereagh continues to strike the lowest rate in Northern Ireland, with an increase of 19 pence per week per household.

“The Council also will also continue to invest in major capital investment in leisure, community, play and waste management projects, and with the lowest commercial district rate in Northern Ireland this will encourage business to invest create growth and employment in the borough.

“I would conclude by thanking all the directors and officers in Castlereagh Council for all their hard work in the past months in ensuring that Castlereagh Council continues to have the lowest rates in Northern Ireland.”


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