Residents’ parking scheme a victory for locals

Alliance elected representatives in South Belfast have said a newly announced residents’ parking scheme is a victory for locals.

Roads Minister Chris Hazzard confirmed the scheme in the College Park Avenue and Rugby Road area would move to the next stage of consultation over the next few weeks. If successful, the scheme could be in place by summer 2017.

Alliance South Belfast MLA Paula Bradshaw said it had been a “long, tough battle” for residents in the Holyland.

“The residents should be applauded for their tenacity in lobbying successive Roads Ministers for the introduction of this parking scheme. I hope this announcement today will be delivered without any future delay.

“But I am bitterly disappointed the Lower Malone scheme is not going to be delivered at this time. I met with the local residents’ association about their campaign, and I know they were conscious of objections, but were willing to accommodate individual issues and find practical solutions so residents and businesses could co-exist in this part of the city with very little in-curtilage parking or car-parking provision.

“I would urge the Infrastructure Minister to deliver on his commitment to instruct his officials to engage with the stakeholders of this area as a matter of urgency to find a way to get this proposal back on track.”

Her colleague, Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown, said the issue affected many areas across the south of the city.

“Several community groups will be watching with interest to see how this scheme progresses. If it succeeds in the Holyland, other schemes will follow.

“The strategic challenge for the city is how to encourage modal shift to public and sustainable forms of transportation. Such a shift will improve congestion, help the environment and make Belfast an easier city to navigate.

“Alliance will continue working with residents to ensure their parking needs are met.”

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