Residents’ fury at Kilmood crisis over planning

RESIDENTS of the small settlement at Kilmood a few miles from Comber, Co Down, are furious at the proposal to build 24 town houses in their area, Alliance MLA and Councillor Kieran McCarthy has said.

Mr McCarthy was present at a recent public meeting where “the rural population turned out in force to voice its opposition to this development”.

Mr McCarthy said: “Kilmood is a pleasant rural settlement, not a village. This is a small hamlet with a 17th century church and low level dwellings. These proposals for town houses in the green belt are out of character with the surrounding area and would destroy the visual amenity of this special area.

“Residents also expressed concern at the loss of bird life, badger setts and the general loss of a rural way of life. I and other representatives and local residents will be contacting the local planning office to voice the many concerns about this development. We will also be seeking the support of the Environmental Heritage Service.

“Kilmood has four main features; a church, an old school, the courthouse and a sexton’s cottage – surely these historical features are worth preserving.”

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