Residential parking scheme will solve car trouble – Boyle

Alliance Party Coleraine representative, Yvonne Boyle, has called for the introduction of a residential parking scheme in the Coleraine area, to alleviate parking problems.

This proposal was one of a number of plans submitted by the Alliance Party in their response to the consultation on houses of multiple occupancy (HMO) in the Triangle area.

Yvonne Boyle said: “In any residential area in Coleraine, Alliance would like to see a limit to how many vehicles can be parked on the street. This would help end the parking problems that many residents experience within the Coleraine area.

“The higher the population density in an area, the greater the problem of adequate parking. Large HMO developments should provide adequate parking within their own premises to help solve this problem.

“Elsewhere, Alliance proposes a residential parking scheme, with provision for 1 or 2 cars per household and temporary parking permits being allowed for vehicles of residents’ guests. Those from outside the area who are not a resident’s guest should be allowed to park for a limited period of 1 hour.

“In order to be effective, any residential parking scheme must be stringently enforced.”


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