Request to light up Council offices defeated

At the last meeting of Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, (28 January), a DUP member requested that the Lagan Valley Island centre be lit up on 31st January to celebrate the UK leaving the EU.

Alliance Councillor Sorcha Eastwood spoke against the request, saying it was disappointing that the building be politicised and that the lighting of the building was meant to be for community or charitable causes.

Councillor Eastwood said: “”We don’t think it’s right that the building be used to make political points and Alliance is opposed to using the building for this purpose.

“January 31st isn’t a date for celebration, as Northern Ireland is leaving the biggest trading bloc in the world, and this will have negative consequences in both economic and social terms.

“Whilst we recognise that we are leaving, what we need to focus on now is scrutinizing and analysing the detail that will come from the future relationship negotiations and as a party we will do that at Westminster and the Assembly and we will continue to prioritise protecting NI, people’s jobs and livelihoods. Alliance will continue to listen and work with business, farmers and the community to protect our best interests.”