Report shows Education Minister must prioritize integration over

Alliance Deputy Leader and Education Spokesperson Naomi Long has said the Youth Life and Times Survey once again proves the need for action on prioritizing integrated education.

The East Belfast Assembly member stated: “Yet again we have a report which indicates clearly the case for integration over segregation. Yet again, we suffer from Government inaction to deal with it.

“The Alliance Party’s ten-point plan on integrated education reflects the reality that an effortlessly cross-community approach to education, as well as youth leisure facilities and the arts, is central to a healthier, better future free from the poison of segregation and sectarianism.

“There must be no fudging of this issue. It is not good enough simply to bring ‘Catholics’ and ‘Protestants’ together as if they are from different planets. What is required is a society where people are judged as individuals, not labels. That requires a Liberal, radical approach.

“The Government is not going to take on the task of overcoming sectarianism, rather than just managing division. Since even the so-called ‘moderate’ parties cannot even come up with a single proposal between them to tackle segregation, there is no hope there either. The only prospect is strong cross-community politics free from the limitations and restrictions of sectarian codes and labels.”


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