Renovations will make City Hall more family friendly, says O’Neill

Alliance Councillor Sian O’Neill has said plans for a new family room in the East Wing of Belfast City Hall demonstrates the Council’s commitment to providing a family friendly environment.

The Councillor for Ormiston – who is herself a young Mum – welcomed the plans after the latest Strategic, Policy and Resources committee gave the green light for the project as part of on-going renovations.

Councillor Sian O’Neill said: “This is a fantastic move by Belfast City Council, signalling it recognises the needs of mothers, grandparents and anyone involved in the care of young children.

“Belfast City Hall is at the heart of our city and the creation of a special family room in the East Wing will allow greater access and a more positive experience for families looking to enjoy everything we have on offer.

“As Mum who has previously breastfed her child both in public and in the designated area already on offer in City Hall, I speak from experience when I say this move should have been taken years ago. Whilst the Council does have an existing breastfeeding policy in place, the area set aside was extremely uncomfortable, located outside a cold toilet.

“I’m delighted other mothers will be able to have a much more positive experience and am delighted to be part of the Women’s Steering Group in Belfast City Council, which has been and continues to be a positive voice for families in our city.”

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