Removal of junk food from schools must be applied to Northern Ireland – McCarthy

Alliance Assembly Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has said that the planned removal of junk food from school dinners in England must be applied to Northern Ireland also.

The Strangford Assembly member stated: “I am delighted to hear that the Government is taking action to tackle unhealthy meals – but disappointed that so far this will apply only in England.

“This is not about ‘banning’ things, it is about ensuring our children get the best and healthiest possible provision of food at school.

“It is senseless to teach children the value of healthy food to tackle obesity and associated health problems in the classroom, while providing junk food which sends precisely the opposite message in the school canteen.

“I would look for the healthiest possible content in all meals served in schools, and the removal of junk food vending machines from educational premises. Never has it been more true to say we must practise what we preach.”


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