Removal of ‘Berlin Wall’ means people can put lives back together –

Alliance Ards Alderman Kieran McCarthy has expressed delight at the announcement that his appeals to remove the “Berlin Wall” in Killyleagh have been heeded and the wall will be removed.

The Strangford Assembly member stated: “It is brilliant news for everyone that this wall will be removed by mutual consent. There is recognition across the community that it was an absolute hindrance.

“I attended the appeal yesterday to make the case for removal. I am delighted that all sides have responded to this call so effectively.

“It is essential that any kind of barrier in a community is removed, and furthermore that this is done by mutual consent. This is a significant step forward, and maybe others can learn from it.

“Now everyone can get their lives together, and get on with their lives together. This is the way it should and must be.”


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