Reid is new Councillor for Braid

The Alliance Party has selected David Reid to replace Muriel Burnside, who has resigned as Councillor for Braid.

A long-time resident of the area, David has a background in helping others and is currently employed as a community advice liaison, aiding those with growing debt.

The selection took place at a special meeting of Alliance Members, with Muriel set to step down at the end of this week after a stunning victory in the 2019 local government elections.

David said: “It’s with great honour that I take up the role of Alliance Councillor for Braid. Muriel has been a great friend to me throughout this transition period and I am determined to continue working hard for our community as she has done throughout her time.

“My focus has always been on helping people, on creating the kind of society that is welcoming, open and inclusive and I look forward to continuing to provide a strong Alliance voice for the area.

“Personally, I want to see Mid and East Antrim do more to protect our natural environment, to look for greener ways of doing business and to make sustainable choices.”

Muriel Burnside added: “Due to personal reasons this was the right time for me to step down. I have enjoyed working for the people of Braid, of being part of a growing Alliance team and providing the kind of inclusive representation everyone in the area deserves.”