Register to vote now so that you can make a difference

Alliance Deputy Leader, Naomi Long MLA, has appealed to people to register to vote as the deadline for registration is little more than a week away. She stated that people who are sick of tribal politics and do not want to register, should ensure that they can vote in order to stop the sectarian parties.

The East Belfast Assembly Member stated: “Some people who are fed up with tribal timewasting and stagnation may not want to vote this time. By not voting or registering, they lose their voice and therefore don’t have a chance to change things here.

“People who are fed up with sectarianism should register and vote so that they can help stop the extremists from dividing our society and damaging our economy.

“People should realize that they can make a real difference in Northern Ireland if they vote. It is essential that they register to vote and play a role in their society.

“The absolute deadline for registration is 11 January, and I would appeal to people to return their forms so that they can make their voice heard.

“To vote you need an electoral ID card if you do not have a photographic driving license, passport or Translink senior SmartPass. It takes six to eight weeks for people to receive their electoral ID card and to get one you should apply now so that you can vote in March.”


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