Re-balance transport budget to encourage more people to use public transport

Alliance Regional Development Spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has said that the new year must provide a fresh focus to help encourage more people to use public transport and he has called for the Northern Ireland transport budget to be re-balanced to put more emphasis on public transport.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “Encouraging more people to use public transport instead of their car is a key element in increasing sustainability and helping protect our environment. It is crucial that we see our transport budget rebalanced to help put more emphasis on public transport.

“We need to look at innovative ways of encouraging people to leave their car at home and take the bus or train, and extra investment in this sector in vital. I am also hoping for a positive outcome on the public consultation on the Belfast rapid transit system. We also need to examine the potential for further rapid transit-style systems in others parts of Northern Ireland too.

“The new year must provide us with a fresh focus and a renewed impetus to help get more people to use public transport. Investing in our bus and rail network could also help us attract more businesses to invest in Northern Ireland because companies often examine a region’s infrastructure when considering investment opportunities.

“We must be ambitious as regards increasing public transport use and I believe that re-balancing the transport budget could help greatly in delivering greater sustainability. Delivering more public transport services and keeping fares low are absolutely vital to these efforts.”


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