Rates Collection Agency blunder causing hardship crisis

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long MLA has today exposed the Rates Collection Agency on Radio Ulster’s Nolan Show as having given the public incorrect information over rates relief and caused financial hardship in many households. The Rates Collection Agency (RCA) published a leaflet called ‘Information about your rates bill’ which incorrectly informed local people that they are entitled to more rates relief than the Agency intends to provide. The leaflet’s aim was to assist people during the change in the rates system from rental values to capital values; however, it has led to local people being left out of pocket.

Speaking following the Nolan Show, the East Belfast Alliance MLA said: “I am very annoyed at the serious mistake made by the RCA. Their blunder has left many people, who budgeted according to information given on their leaflet, out of pocket.

“The bills are correct; however, the RCA have been giving bad advice on rates relief since last year. They must take full responsibility for this and provide a financial package for the people that they misled. Many people on low incomes will be receiving several hundred pounds less relief than they were told they would get.”


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